Best contractor for the successfully completing turnaround 2EH/DOP - 2009 without a lost work day injury/etc..

Global Sources: Certificate Of Merit

For the satisfactory performance and professional assistance on Turbine Installation Activities etc..

Global Sources : Certificate of Appereciation

Manpower & Piping Fabrication at Khurais Water Injection Facilities & Utilities Project for Saudi Aramco.

Appreciation Letter: Global Sources

Excellent Contribution toward Farabi's achievement of completing the 5 Million Safe Man-Hours without Lost Time

Global Sources: Certificate of Appreciation

Contribution of Safe Man Hours without Lost Time injury throughout the year 2009

Global Sources : Certificate of Appreciation

Remarkable participation and Valuable contribution in safety , quality and execution etc..

Arabian Global for Contracting and Maintenance EST.: Certificate of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation from SABIC (Engineering,Construction, Commissioning etc..

Arabian Global: Letter of Appreciation

Safe and timely execution of "Sea Water Header Upgrade Project"

Global Sources : Certificate of Appreciation

Outstanding Performance and lasting Contribution to Tabucem Project, North Duba

Global Sources: Certificate of Appreciation


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